NEW-LIFESTYLES Pedometers and Accelerometers (use this link to view photos of all accelerometers and pedometers on one page) are considered by researchers to be among the best in the world, if not the best.  We have three series from which you may choose--the NL-series, the SW-series and the AT-series.  All of these have been independently validated and have been found to be extremely accurate and reliable.  According to independent validation studies how do pedometer brands rate?

Use the links below to go directly to the respective accelerometer's or pedometer's page.

 NEW-LIFESTYLES Accelerometer (Piezoelectric Pedometer) Line-up:

  • NL-800 offers steps, clock and 7-day memory
  • NL-1000 offers steps, distance (miles or kilometers), moderate-to-vigorous physical activity time, clock and 7-day memory
  • NL-2000 offers steps, activity calories, total calories, calculates basal metabolic rate, clock and 7-day memory
  • NL-2160 offers PC download with companion software, steps, moderate-to-vigorous physical activity time, clock, activity calories*, total calories*, distance*, 60-day memory* (7-day memory on the monitor's display)
  • NL-2200 offers PC download with companion software, steps, activity calories, total calories, clock, 220-day memory* (7-day memory on the monitor's display)

NEW-LIFESTYLES Coil Spring-Suspended Pedometer Line-up:

  • SW-200 is the simplest of the this line-up; it counts steps only
  • SW-401 offers steps and distance in miles
  • SW-651 offers steps, distance in miles, stopwatch and clock
  • SW-701 offers steps, distance in miles or kilometers and calories
  • **CW-300 offers steps, clock and "activity" time*** (no independent validation)

NEW-LIFESTYLES Hairspring-Suspended Pedometer Line-up:

  • AT-80 is the simplest of this line-up: it counts steps only
  • AT-82 offers steps, clock and 7-day memory
  • AT-85 offers steps, distance in miles or kilometers, calories, clock and "activity" time***

*These features require and must be enabled by the PAAS Lifestyle Coach (software), i.e. to see these features on the display of the Lifecorder PLUS, one must purchase the PAAS Lifestyle Coach (software) and enable them via the PAAS Lifestyle Coach (software).

**The CW-300 and its siblings--the CW-200, CW-600, CW-701--have not been independently validated to be accurate or reliable.  The only testing currently done was performed by the manufacturer--YAMAX.

***The activity time function offered by the CW-300 and the AT-85 pedometers should not be confused with the moderate-to-vigorous physical activity time (MVPA timer) function on the NL-1000, NL-2160 or NL-2200 accelerometers; pedometers can not measure acceleration.  They simply respond to acceleration and therefore pedometers do not provide the data necessary to calculate time spent in light, moderate, or vigorous physical activity.