Have you attempted to win a grant and been unsuccessful? Are you unable to purchase pedometers due to lack of funds? Why not enter to win our Great Pedometer Giveaway? If you represent a school or organization, you are eligible to enter our Great Pedometer Giveaway. We allow one entry per person. We hold four drawings per year—January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st—and the winner of each drawing receives 15 AT-82 pedometers with steps and 7-day memory.

Why 7-day memory? For the user it eliminates the need to record on a daily basis and for the instructor/leader it allows step counts to be verified on a once a week basis, i.e., it cuts down on cheating!!!

In addition to entering our Great Pedometer Giveaway we suggest that you also view our other funding and grants resources.

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