As its name suggests, NEW-LIFESTYLES, INC., is dedicated to helping people develop a new lifestyle through the combination of physical activity and healthful eating practices. The "NEW" in NEW-LIFESTYLES is an acronym for three elements critical to the company's mission: nutrition, exercise and weight control.

Since 1992, the company has offered products that motivate people to achieve these goals. As the company evolved, its focus expanded to embrace technology that can help people achieve their health and fitness goals. NEW-LIFESTYLES pedometer and accelerometer line contains the most accurate and affordable pedometers and activity monitors you can buy. NEW-LIFESTYLES staff designs, tests, uses, and validates all products before offering them to customers.

In addition to setting the standard in hardware (pedometers and accelerometers) NEW-LIFESTYLES also sets the standard in program materials. These include CHALLENGE™ Charts, calendars, guidebooks, health and fitness fact sheets, and, an online activity and nutrition tracking system.

Meet our president, CEO (Chief Exercise Officer), and visionary, 
Teresa Vollenweider.