Like anything else that is used on a regular basis, normal wear and tear can eventually take its toll on your pedometer or accelerometer.  Listed below are some of the most common things experienced by our customers and our suggested fixes.  If you have a concern not listed here, refer to the Troubleshooting section of your device's Product Manual or review our Troubleshooting/Help Guide

Most common mishaps for DIGI-WALKER and AT Pedometers 
DIGI-WALKER display is blank, black or shows irregular characters —Your LCD (liquid crystal display) is probably broken as the result of a drop or direct hit. If this is the case, you'll want to purchase a
new pedometer.

I broke the clip on my DIGI-WALKER — DIGI-WALKER pedometer clips and the AT pedometer clips are both made of plastic, which means that if too much force is applied, your clip will break. You must be careful especially when attaching and removing your pedometer. You can break the plastic when you force your clip onto or off a waistband or belt that is too thick or catch it on something that pulls it away from your body. In order to fix your DIGI-WALKER pedometer clip or your AT pedometer, you'll need a clip repair kit. Be certain to choose the appropriate clip for your pedometer.  Please note that if you broke the clip down in the area of the hinge, a clip repair kit probably will not work.

The pins that hold the clip to the DIGI-WALKER pedometer can work their way out over time with regular use — If this happens, you can reinsert the pin. If you've lost one or both of the hinge pins, you can purchase more hinge pins.

My DIGI-WALKER pedometer got wet or went through a washing machine — While it is not recommended, DIGI-WALKER pedometers have been known to survive a trip through the washing machine or a dip in the toilet. (However, the heat from a dryer is usually detrimental.) If your DIGI-WALKER pedometer gets wet, here's what you need to do: Remove the battery immediately. Let the DIGI-WALKER unit dry out for at least 24 hours, and then put a new battery in (DIGI-WALKERs use an LR44 battery; ATs use an LR43 battery; NL-800s and NL-1000s use a CR2032; NL-2000s use a CR2016). Keep your fingers crossed!  Unfortunately NL-series accelerometers don't fair as well after going through the washing machine, but you can follow the same procedure and hope for the best.

Most common mishaps for NL-series Accelerometers 
I've lost one of the screws that holds the metal clip to my NL-800/NL-1000 — If this happens, you can purchase more

If you have a different problem with your DIGI-WALKER SW-series, AT-series pedometer, or NL-series accelerometer, you can refer to the Troubleshooting section of your device's Product Manual or review our complete Troubleshooting/Help Guide.