When ordering quantities of 400 or more of the same SW-series or AT-series pedometer or 400 or more of the same NL-series accelerometer, please request a quote by downloading and completing our Quotation Form located at the bottom of this page. Return the completed form to us via fax to 816-373-9929 or save your completed form, attach it to an email and send it to with a Cc to our backup email

For quantities of 25 to 399 SW-series or AT-series pedometers or 25 to 399 NL-800 or NL-1000 accelerometers you can get into our quote queue by going through the online order process. Follow these simple steps:  

1. Simply select/order the desired items and quantities (25 to 399) from our online store.

2. Then complete the Shipping Information. Choose UPS Standard, UPS Next Day or International (if other than the USA) delivery from the shipping option's drop down menu.

3. Complete the Billing Information and choose Purchase Order from the payment option's menu.  (The quote that we send to you will provide our bulk order payment options.)

4. Provide an email address to which we can send you your quote.

5. Click "Send Order."  Once we receive your "order" we will generate a quote for you and will email it to you.  Please note that sending the "order" will in no way obligate you to place an actual order.  We will simply use the information to generate a quote for you.

To obtain a quote for 400 or more pedometers or accelerometers use our Quotation Form.  Click here to download the form.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

Click here to open the Quote form.