Our grant advice services extend beyond the pedometer products we sell.

Need well-written pedometer or accelerometer-related text and graphics explaining their functionality and features to support your grant proposal? We are willing to share ours.

Writing a grant proposal? We'll even edit and proofread your pedometer/accelerometer product and program information before you submit it for a grant competition.

Above all, grant-awarding organizations want to know the outcome of your program - what worked and what didn't work.  Collecting and analyzing program data (be it steps taken, calcium intake, carbonated beverage consumption, etc.) can be especially time-consuming without a data management system like  A successful program needs effective measurement tools, not only to gather data, but also to assess, implement and evaluate elements of the program for use as future best-practice models. 

Our pedometers (the NEW-LIFESTYLES NL-2000, NL-1000, NL-800, the LIFECORDER EX and the DIGI-WALKER SW-series) are the pedometer of choice for researchers.  As more programs and studies are executed, it will be important, for comparability of data, for everyone to use congruent measurement devices that are valid, i.e. accurate and reliable.