Winning a PEP Grant is not impossible. Sure, it takes a considerable amount of planning and vision to come up with a well-constructed program, but it can be done. And YOU can do it! Here are our Top Ten Strategies to Writing a Successful PEP Grant Proposal to get you off and writing!

1. Determine a centrally-focused goal for your program that is both attainable and measurable. This is in essence your thesis statement for the grant proposal.

2. Dream big and with vision - and then make that dream realistic. You should be passionate about your program - this passion will show those reading your proposal that you really want this grant!

3. Find out how your district pursues grant proposals and make sure your school administration is on board. You will need their support through all stages of the grant - from planning & proposal to implementation & evaluation.

4. Write with the grant requirements in mind. Use an outline to organize your thoughts and structure your argument. Remember that English Composition class you were required to take in college?

5. Establish support (maybe evidence from existing programs at your school or factors that make your community unique) to justify the need for your program. You must substantiate your need. What research has already been published in your area to support your proposal.

6. Structure your program around a concept/method/technique/tool/technology that has been validated by research.

7. Develop a manageable (yet detailed) action plan that can be implemented with ease. Make sure you ask others for their help before you commit them to a role in the plan.

8. Plan a realistic budget listing every expense and possible expense. Ask for the amount of money you actually need to make the program successful. Remember every last detail.

9. Determine how you are going to measure the outcome of your program and collect feedback/assessment data.

10. If at first you don't succeed - Get a second opinion on your proposal, make necessary edits and try, try again next year or pursue other grant opportunities!!