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The LIFECORDER EX (NL-2200) is an accurate and reliable activity monitor. In addition to counting steps, it calculates the calories expended, computes basal metabolic rate (BMR) and stores 200 days of data that can be extracted by health professionals responsible for modifying client/patient physical activity behavior.

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Once data is extracted from the LIFECORDER EX and then transmitted to a personal computer, it takes only a few clicks of the mouse to generate reports like the samples on the right providing the following information:

• Accurate data reflecting the intensity and duration of one's activity (including how many minutes per day were spent in light, moderate, and vigorous activity levels)

• Number of steps one has taken per day

• Number of kcals one has expended through activity compared to his/her goal and calorie intake

• At what points each day over a 200 day period one has pressed the event marker key, denoting an event such as taking medication or consuming a meal or snack

• Average number of kcals expended (and/or steps taken) for each day of the week (useful when comparing average calorie expenditure and steps taken on weekdays versus weekend days, for example)

• Average number of kcals expended (and/or steps taken) per week (useful when evaluating one's progress or program effectiveness)

HOUR-BY-HOUR BREAKDOWN of a client's physical activity. An actual report provides detail for each day of the 200 day period. The data to the right represents one day of activity.

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The quick-set program (not available in the Basic software package) easily uploads the user's information and sets the device parameters. This simple upload allows administrators to:

• Set user-specific details

• Set the clock

• Set a specific recording start date

• Lock the sensors in stand-by mode for travel

• Lock the keys

• Lock the display on a specific feature (clock, steps, total calories, or activity calories) or turn the display off completely

• Export your data to a standard .CSV file or use the database editing software pictured on the right for easy viewing, correcting, and organizing (Not available in the Basic software package.)

Operating System: Win98SE, ME, 2000,  XP Home/Pro. (Not Vista Compatible)
CPU & Memory: As recommended for each Windows Operating System
Hard Disk: 64 MB or higher
CD-ROM Drive
USB 1.0 or faster

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200 Day Downloadable Memory
7 Day Memory on Display
9 Intensity Zones
Displays Steps, Kcals and % Goal
Calculates BMR
Direct USB Link to PC
Event Marker Key