The LIFECORDER PLUS (NL-2160) is the newest member of the NL-series accelerometers. It counts steps, calculates the calories expended, computes basal metabolic rate (BMR) and stores 60 days of data that can be downloaded directly to a personal computer using a USB connection. Each Lifecorder PLUS (NL-2160) purchase includes access to download the personal version of the Physical Activity Analysis Software (P.A.A.S.), a great tool for the individual to set goals, track progress, and print reports. For researchers, wellness coaches, and allied health professionals, the P.A.A.S. Lifestyle Coach software provides display lock, database import/export, and many other powerful features.
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Operating System: Win98SE, ME, 2000,  XP Home/Pro. (not yet Vista compatible)
CPU & Memory: As recommended for each Windows Operating System
Hard Disk: 64 MB or higher
CD-ROM Drive
USB 1.0 or faster
Physical Acitivity Analysis Software - Personal Version
Learn more about the Lifecorder PLUS and Lifecorder EX using our Lifecorder Comparison Chart.

Explore the differences between the Physical Activity Analysis Software Personal and Coach versions using our P.A.A.S. Software Comparison Chart.

To order the LIFECORDER PLUS (NL-2160) visit our online store, or call 816-373-9969 or email
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Accurate • Reliable • Easy to Use
60 Day Downloadable Memory
7 Day Memory on Display
9 Intensity Zones
Displays: Steps, Distance, MVPA™
    Time, Kcals, User Targets, & Physical
     Activity Intensity Graph (METS)
Countdown "To Target" & Scrolling
     Achievement Messages
Calculates BMR
Direct USB Link to PC
Event Marker Key